What is the IP Address of my router?

How can you find out the IP address of your router or modem? There are several ways to find out. For example, you can find out what kind of modem or router you are using. Look at the packing box to find out what its brand is and what its type number is. You can then consult Google. Enter the model name and type the keyword “standard gateway” or “default gateway” after it. For example “ASUS RT-AC5300 default gateway”. In 9 out of 10 cases a website will be found where you can find the IP address of your router.

Manual of the router/modem provider

Another option is to read the manual of your router or consult your provider. Here too you can find out what the default gateway of your router is. Can’t find the manual anymore? In most cases you can also find the manual online. Search for the name of your router and put the word “manual” after it. Once you have found the manual, it is important not to browse too far. The IP address of the router/modem is usually mentioned on one of the first pages.

Find out the IP address using command lines

If you can’t find the manual of the router anymore, or it’s not even on the internet, then there is no other option than to start working with command prompt in your computer. If you are using Windows system, maybe you’ve seen it before, an MS-DOS like environment in a black window with white text. You can open the screen by going to start within Windows system, choosing to run and then filling in the letters “cmd”. You will see a black screen, it’s also called command line. Type “ipconfig” and press enter. All kinds of information about the different network cards will now be shown. If you are connected via wireless, look up the part where “Wireless adapter” is located. Under the heading “Default gateway” you will find the IP address of the router or modem. Often it is or, but there are also manufacturers who assign a completely different IP address to their router. Follow the steps below to start the command prompt.


Open the start menu
Type “cmd” in the search field
Click on “Command Prompt”
Enter “ipconfig”.
Search for the item “ip address” behind default gateway


Click on Apple menu
Go to System Preferences
Click on Network